TWO’s CLASSES (for children age two by August 31)

  • Two-day groups on Tuesday-Thursday
  • Three-day groups on Monday-Wednesday-Friday.
  • Five-day groups on Monday through Friday


  • Opportunities for Physical Growth – Climbing, pedaling, running and jumping in outdoor playtime on a specially designed playground for this age.
  • Language Development – Daily circle time with lots of stories, songs, and games.
  • Cognitive Development & Coordination – Puzzles, building and floor toys.
  • Creative Art – Play-dough, finger paints, crayons and creating all help twos make discoveries through sensory explorations.
  • Self-Help Tasks – Practicing independence with eating, putting on and taking off coats, washing and drying hands, and potty time.

Praise and encouragement, support and acceptance of the two-year-old is important in helping each child develop a good self-image.