TODDLERS (14+ months,  walking securely, able to sit at a small table)

  • Two-day groups on Tuesday-Thursday
  • Three-day groups on Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  • Five-day groups on Monday through Friday

CLASS EXPERIENCE – children enjoy a morning of play, stories, songs and snack.

For Physical Development

  • Pushing and pulling large toys
  • Climbing up and down on playground equipment
  • Walking in a line (using a rope with handles for safety)
  • Jumping, kicking, throwing
  • Fill-it-up and pour-it-out games
  • Building block towers, knocking them down

For Cognitive and Language Development

  • Storytime
  • Games about parts of the body
  • Sensory explorations (soft, hard, fuzzy, cold, etc.); creative expression through art materials
  • Musical instruments

For Social Development

  • Playing contentedly around familiar adults and children
  • Imitating household tasks in make-believe play
  • Interacting with other children

For Emotional Development

  • Feeling secure in the classroom environment
  • Beginning to carry out simple self-help tasks