INFANTS (age 3 months and older)

  • Two-day groups on Tuesday-Thursday
  • Three-day groups on Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  • Five-day groups on Monday through Friday


  • Floor-Play ¬†– Various soft, colorful manipulative toys are used to develop language, social and emotional growth, hand-eye coordination, and awareness of colors.
  • Puzzles and Shape Sorters – begin awareness of differences in shapes; visual discrimination
  • Music Time – songs, finger-plays, music for dancing/bouncing, and simple musical instruments.
  • Books, Books, Books -Variety of board and cloth books for naming objects; important for infants to listen to the voice as pictures are talked about and identified.
  • Active Toys -Large muscle development for crawling and walking.
  • Cuddle time ¬†Holding, rocking, and feeding.
  • Outdoor Experiences-weather permitting daily strolls to experience the fresh air and sights and sounds of the outdoors.