PRE-K THREE’s (for children age 3 by August 31)

  • Two-day groups on Tuesday-Thursday 9 am – noon
  • Three-day groups on Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9 am – noon
  • Five-day groups on Monday through Friday 9 am – noon
  • Lunch Bunch on Wednesdays 12-1pm

CLASS EXPERIENCE – Lots of play and hands on experience in specially designed centers for cognitive, language and social development.

Construction Center – Blocks and play props for developing large and small muscle control. Also for finger and eye-hand coordination, experience in spatial relationships, and balance.

Housekeeping and Kitchen Center – For role-playing and dramatic play.

Creative Art Center – For fine-motor development and concepts relating to colors, shapes and sizes, and classification. Verbal skills are improving with following directions and learning to complete a task independently.

Independent Table Activities – puzzles, pegboards, geo-boards, unifix cubes, patterns, and file folder games to name a few. All are tools used for cognitive development in language and math.

Book Center – For enjoying stories and developing a love for reading.

Science and Wonder Center – For discovering ways materials react;  growth cycles; expanding knowledge of plants & animals life and building new vocabulary.

Circle Time/Together Time – Children develop good listening habits as they learn about the calendar, read stories, play group games, sing songs and talk about their day.

Outdoor/Indoor-Gym – For development of large muscles; gaining new physical skills; creative role play; peer cooperation; building self-esteem by trying new skills/equipment.