Special Visitors Overview

What child would NOT want to see a shiny fire truck - complete with siren and outfitted firemen - arrive at the school and being ASKED to see what is inside.

The firemen are only one of a number of opportunities that our students have to interact with differernt people who have really neat jobs. They include the firemen, police officers, veterinerians (with animals), construction workers, chefs, music instructors, and a whole lot of others who add excitement and information for our program.

Many times, this will be the first introduction to the different jobs and services that some people provide.

While very exciting and interesting, the visits provide a basis for further discussion of "community helpers" as well as those that the child will interact with such as dentists and doctors.

In addition, chidren will be exposed to other visitors that they may see on a regular basis such as the ministers of the church, etc.

All in all, these visitors are an meaningful part of the program because the help extend the horizons of these young learners.