are well-equipped, clean, bright, and inviting!


Spaces for children are arranged to facilitate a variety of small group and/or individual activities including block building, dramatic play, creative art music, science and wonder, math, manipulation, and quiet book reading and writing. Carpeted spaces are ample for crawling/toddling of infants and toddlers. Furnishings are sturdy. Each classroom provides age appropriate materials and equipment of sufficient quantity, variety and durability - readily accessible to children with low, open shelves to promote independent selection and use. Each child is provided individual space ("cubby") to store his or her personal belongings.


Our outdoor playground provides 4 separated spaces for Infants and Toddlers, Ages 2-3, Preschool-Kindergarten and School Age. Outdoor areas include a variety of surfaces such as grass, play-sand, hills, flatland and hard riding tracks. Our campus provides shade from huge oak trees and a variety of equipment for riding, climbing, balancing and imaginative play. Each area is protected by fencing and natural barriers.

A nature trail leads through our campus woodland area to a bubbling brook... providing wonderful opportunities for our teachers to share God's creation with young students.