Join Us for a Tour of Wesley Memorial School

WE ARE DELIGHTED that you have discovered our website as you explore options for your child’s Nursery, Preschool, or Kindergarten year.  However, we have a bit of a dilemma…

All of the website photos and written text cannot begin to communicate the sights & sounds of learning that are so JOYFUL, CHILD-FRIENDLY, and ACTIVE!  We cannot communicate the PASSION OF OUR TEACHERS as they meet children where they are, and give them just the right experiences that will enable them to blossom.  Nor can we communicate the WARM FEELINGS OF FAMILY that you will find here.  

However, WE CAN SHOW YOU!  We think it is vital for parents to “FEEL” Wesley Memorial School  as you make careful decisions for your most precious child.  We invite you to call our Director, JoAnn Clifton or Associate Director Susan Kelley at 884-4232 or e-mail us ( or  And if you wish, please bring your child along when you come for your tour.  We welcome the opportunity to spend time with your family!



  Susan Kelley
JoAnn Clifton, Director   Susan Kelley, Associate Director