Enrollment Policies

  • Enrollment is made with Director or Associate Director of the Wesley Memorial School. Parents are invited and encouraged to call to make an appointment. We find that sharing full information, specific to your child’s age-level, best occurs by meeting personally with parents. Your family will also have a tour of our school when you visit. Call 884-4232.

If space is available, (either for your child to begin immediately – or for upcoming fall), then parents will be given our Registration Form at this appointment.

  • Wesley Memorial School does not discriminate with regards to race, gender, religious beliefs, or nationality. We accept children with “special needs” as long as the child’s needs can be met, the family’s needs can be met, and care does not interfere with meeting the needs of other children in the classroom. Schedule a consultation time with Director. We welcome children who receive services from speech and other therapists to arrange for those resource professionals to come into our school if desired.

  • Registration Form needs to be completed and signed. Parents will also be given printed information explaining Wesley Memorial School Purposes and Policies, including tuition fees. Parent signature indicates that parents understand and promise to uphold policies. Registration Form with registration fee must be returned to preschool office before child may attend a first day.

  • Parents will be provided with a Health Assessment form. This form needs to be taken to child’s health provider for completion. Health Assessment, which includes child’s immunization record, must be returned to the preschool office before child may attend a first day.

  • We do not screen or test children as an “entrance requirement” for enrollment in our programs. However, the Gesell Developmental Screening is an assessment which can be administered should a need be indicated. Cost to parents is $50. The Gesell is used as a tool to assist educators & parents in understanding the developmental patterns of growth. Unlike screening tests which are designed to identify “special needs” of children, and unlike academic tests which look at academic levels of performance, the Gesell measures behavioral responses of children according to age-related norms. It provides a good picture of child’s readiness for success in a particular age-level class. Our Directors and several teachers on the Wesley Memorial School staff are trained examiners