Statement of Purpose

Our Mission

Healthy children begin with an enormous interest in the world about them; a freshness and luminosity of vision. Children celebrate life spontaneously! During these foundation years, each child grows at his or her own pace. Wesley Memorial's goal is to surround the child with love in the work-play environment so that teachable moments bring the best development in each child for living God's way. Christian Values and Attitudes are emphasized, giving each child a foundation of love and security for life. We focus our efforts on each child’s total growth. We seek to meet the needs of each boy & girl at his/her individual level of development by inviting opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We seek to build POSITIVE FEELINGS OF SELF WORTH in each child: “I can do it!” , “I am capable & loving!” We want each child to discover a Love for Learning.

Mission Statement

Wesley Memorial School is a Christian school of excellence committed to caring for children and families in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our Core Values Are:

Preparation – Children are prepared for academic success in an environment of excellence and creativity.

Nurture – Children are nurtured through positive, supportive and caring relationships in a diverse community.

Partnership – A Christ-centered environment is provided as we partner with families in their child’s spiritual formation.

Our Purpose Is To Provide: